Vicki Chiu
Visual Designer

When Vicki was a child, she wanted to be a doctor, scientist, or architect. Instead she chose to study graphic design but, she feels her other interests are fulfilled at the EAS Communications Office by helping the scientific community organize, visualize, and disseminate their research. Vicki’s expertise is in visual design that spans print graphic design and front-end web development. Her skillset also include photography, digital illustration, user experience and user interface design, and website accessibility.

Briana Ticehurst
Web Developer

Briana was one of the first members of the EAS Communications Office and has helped to establish its presence on campus. She has also supported the transformation of the office into a valuable resource that has grown into a Recharge Center that supports all of the Caltech Divisions and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Briana has a variety of expertise including website design, website development, graphic design, print materials, photography, and also coordinates the invoicing and financial transactions of the office.

Katarina Yang
Web Developer

Katarina joined the EAS Communications Office in 2014 to support the demand for database-driven applications. Her programming background is a valuable addition to the team. Although she primarily deals with the backend, designing and implementing application infrastructures, she also does web design and supports the needs of our clients.